Higdon Employee Benefits
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At Higdon Employee Benefits…

We help employers fulfill not only their need to provide affordable benefits, but also the employee’s expectation of value.  Simply spending money on benefits does not guarantee satisfaction.  We will help you achieve the connection between these two interlinking concepts and restore, or strengthen the bond between the employer and employee.

  • We always give 110%
  • We do it right.
  • We are loyal and honest to our clients

As an independent, privately owned firm, our clients’ interests will always come first, not the revenue numbers on the next quarterly report to Wall Street.
We value each client and focus on building an enduring relationship. Wherever we work, whichever industry we serve, we work hard to earn the respect of our clients.  We work from a bedrock of integrity, trust and respect.
The main and primary body of our work will be in the area of group insurance programs.  This includes but is not limited to: Group Health, Group Dental, Group Disability, and Group Life Insurance.  These programs are very expensive benefits for employers to provide.  They are also a recognized essential component of the employee’s financial well being.  We seek to highlight and enhance this relationship.  As an employer you already know that healthy & happy employees are the most productive.  Employee benefit programs provide peace of mind, as well as substantive financial support.   With good quality programs and initiatives, you will succeed in this critical area of support for your business.