Higdon Employee Benefits

Employer Services

Our first order of business will be to meet you where you are.  We will take the time to gain a true understanding of your company’s objectives and employee demographics.  This information combined with a history of where you’ve been and what obstacles you’ve encountered, will aid in the collaboration of a future vision for your benefits.
We not only know about current benefit trends but also have an understanding of them.  We know which are cutting edge and which are hyperboles.  We know better than anyone how to package and work an RFP.  We don’t merely put together a bundle of numbers; we present your company to selected markets as if we’re offering an interest in an exquisite property.  We know how to argue the fine points of a carrier’s ‘unit costs’ and employer claims trends with underwriters.  The end result puts you in the best possible position to enter into a new or renewal contract, while not compromising the overall stability of your plan.

Health Plans

The story –

Today most employers provide their employee with a ‘Health Plan’.  In the not so distant past, employers provided their employees with ‘Health Insurance’ .  The evolution from ‘Insurance’ to ‘Plan’ was largely due to actions taken by the federal government with the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 (HMO) 42U.S.C. § 300e .  This early government action was alleged to provide more comprehensive coverage to employees while keeping costs affordable.  In the long term, neither of these occurred.  Now businesses (you) are offering very expensive ‘plans’ to employees.  Is it time we reintroduced the term ‘Insurance’ back into the lexicon of benefits?