Higdon Employee Benefits

About Us

One thing ties all of these companies and corporate success stories together…

       Macheen, Inc.                  Solar Power Technologies, Inc.                Applied Materials                    Continuum

                        Hoovers                Southwestern University              LCRA              Crystal Semiconductor          

   Samsung Electronics – The America’s                   SXSW                   Rudy’s  BBQ                  Goodwill Industries

              The Austin Chronicle        Origin Systems         Tivoli              Sematech              Georgetown ISD

        Leander ISD              Miller & Degutis, DDS             Austin Regional Clinic            St. Edward’s University      

                                          The Ampersand Agency        Animal Trustees of Austin

They have all capitalized on the strength of Higdon & Higdon.  Higdon Employee Benefits, LLC is based in Austin, Texas.  We are proud of our reputation of high quality service to clients.  To define us as brokers or consultants would not totally encompass the benefit of our service.  Each of these disciplines by themselves is less than you need.  We prefer to be “Innovators,” combining the technical and impartial aspects of a consultant, the enthusiasm and aggressiveness of a broker, with the wisdom gained from experience.
The persistent underlying function of our business is to establish complete client understanding of the benefit programs currently in force and/or alternative ones available.  Coupling that function with rigorous negotiation produces a benefit package tailored to individual client needs.  This results in maximum benefit of resources available.
The client centered approach to employee benefits means that we go through a careful process to obtain a good balance between costs, range of benefits, and quality of carriers.  Our process includes part or all of the following steps, depending upon the complexity of the plan required:

  • An examination of in force benefits and carriers reviewed against current market conditions and client goals and objectives
  • Compilation of data into bid specifications
  • Marketing of bid specifications to selected carriers/administrators.  We combine a compelling company profile with the raw data, then work to build eagerness among proposers.
  • Conferences with carriers to review their formal proposals
  • In-house review of proposals, transfer of data to spreadsheet analysis, and conference with client regarding analysis of proposals and market position
  • Selection of carrier(s)/administrator(s) for formal presentation (where appropriate) and conference with client to review presentations and make recommendations
  • Negotiation of final contract provisions with selected carrier/administrator, and conference to sign contract and set up enrollment process
  • Assist client human resources staff with problems and questions that arise during enrollments
  • Ongoing services during plan year:

-Assist client human resources staff with issues regarding the administration of employee benefit plans
-Problem resolution (with claims, etc.)
-Discussions concerning new market conditions and trends
-Overall watchdog of the plan