Higdon Employee Benefits

Executive Team

Chuck Higdon, CEBS, Consulting Broker.  Chuck has over 34 years of experience in employee benefits.  In 1983 he joined his brother Joe in the mission of providing aggressive representation on behalf of employers with regards to their benefit plans.  Higdon & Higdon, Inc. grew into the largest and most respected brokerage/consulting firm in Texas.  By 1999 this position was acknowledged with merger/buyout offers coming from most of the nationally branded consulting/brokerage standard bearers.  In the fall of that year Aon Consulting purchased Higdon & Higdon.  Chuck worked with Aon for two years and then departed to pursue other interests.  Before co-founding Higdon EB in 2008, he served in the position of Director of Large Group Sales for Humana in Central and West Texas.  This carrier experience affords Chuck a unique understanding of the inner-workings of major healthcare insurance providers.  This knowledge combined with his extensive broker credentials gives him an unparalleled view of the benefits environment.

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Joe Higdon, CEBS, Consulting Broker.  Joe has over 38 years of experience in employee benefits.  His career began in 1979 with Pacific Mutual.  He was one of only a few, nationally trained, college graduates in the area of employer provided benefits.  By 1983, having a solid practice with many mid-sized Austin employers, he joined his practice with Chuck’s.  Together, they excelled in the area of client service by providing knowledgeable, pointed, and honest representation.  The Higdon brothers were renowned for their expertise and within a decade had grown their solo practice into a 20+ employee firm, having PHR’s and CPA’s on staff.  After Higdon & Higdon, Inc. was acquired; Joe worked with Aon for three years and then left to pursue other interests.  Before co-founding Higdon EB in 2008, his most recent experience had been in the area of Wellness Education.  He has researched the elements required to make individuals healthier and how to make their home environments contribute to their good health.  Healthy employees are both more productive and happier.

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